Recruiting Connect with the Top Talent that Transforms your Business.
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Staffing Solutions Expertise to Deliver Services that Customers Value.
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Management & Financial Consulting Services Proven Methodology to Help Save your Time and Money.
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Real Estate Making Each of Your Investments a Profitable Deal.
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Investment Banking Business Fact-based Strategies for Achieving Higher Return on Investments.
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Why Us

Prodigy Associates is devoted to leading the way in providing creative solutions to all its clients. We endeavor to create a culture of holistic growth and quality which perfects our people, processes and products. Our reliable and sustainable quality breeds success and satisfaction. Our unique collaborative and flexible approach helps us work closely with practitioners, solution specialists and clients, sharing knowledge and innovation across our delivery centers.

Our market and technical expertise helps us discover, conceive and create the next generation of services and solutions. We forge long-term and sustained relationship with our clients to understand and serve them the best. In fact, 70-75% of our revenue comes from continuing business of our existing customers, which speaks for itself. Our experience and passion to serve helps us serve our customers as we would like to be served.

Value that Drive Us

  • Our Mission

    To serve our clients by providing eminent services that address their business issues and deliver superior results while contributing to their sustained growth and increasing the quality of our services.

  • Our Vision

    To become a trustworthy and value-driven professional services firm recognized by our clients for service quality and successful delivery.