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Financial Consulting

Prodigy Associates specialize in providing consultancy, advice, management and administration of personal financial planning and employee benefits across the world. We understand that each client is different and that is why we offer products from the whole of the market, allowing us to create a bespoke and competitively priced financial solution tailored to your specific needs. Our Services practice helps our clients address their most significant challenges to shape the future of the industry. We have an unparalleled understanding of the evolving market structures, economics, and strategic and regulatory trends across all segments of the financial services sector. Our distinct approach is characterized by deep specialization and rigorous fact-based analysis.

Our in-depth understanding of the financial services market is an exceptional leverage for our growing clientele. Our industry expertise coupled with highly analytical methodology helps us to unleash new insights and chalk out practical and actionable recommendations in response to their most critical commercial and strategic challenges. We advise senior management teams of our client organizations on how to identify new growth opportunities that account for changing customer demands, distribution and increasing globalization, rise cost efficiencies, respond to the evolving regulatory landscape, and evolve creative approaches to customer segmentation to develop durable competitive advantages.

Our Services include:

  • Finance & Risk Analysis
  • Corporate & Institutional Banking
  • Retail & Business Banking
  • Wealth & Asset Management
  • Insurance
  • Public Policy
  • Corporate Finance and Advisory
  • Strategic Information Technology and Operations